’14 LA Frenz Reserve Chardonnay 

Lately I’ve been having some difficulty reconciling the price of Canadian wine versus, say, Spain or Chile. Or Argentina. Or even villages-class France. We make some great stuff, no doubt, but it is often overpriced because of antiquated cross-border transport rules. However there are some exceptions where price is irrelevant and quality shines through. This … More ’14 LA Frenz Reserve Chardonnay 

Bench Creek Brewing Black Spruce Porter

Wholly exhausted of clove/nutmeg/Christmas ornament flavored beers, I thought a more run of the mill porter would do the trick during our tri-annual cleaning of the coffee maker  – you basically toss polident into the reservoir and let it cook itself. Back to the beer, the name lends itself somewhat to the festive season anyway, so … More Bench Creek Brewing Black Spruce Porter