’14 LA Frenz Reserve Chardonnay 

Lately I've been having some difficulty reconciling the price of Canadian wine versus, say, Spain or Chile. Or Argentina. Or even villages-class France. We make some great stuff, no doubt, but it is often overpriced because of antiquated cross-border transport rules. However there are some exceptions where price is irrelevant and quality shines through. This... Continue Reading →

’14 Glen Carlou Chardonnay

Glen Carlou is a South African winery I cannot recommend enough. They have the value "Classic" line as well as the "Gravel Quarry" top shelf offering. Both are exceptional for what they are intended for. Here we go with the Chardonnay from the "Classic" selection. The nose is toasty stonefruit - stone/tropical fruit being what... Continue Reading →

’14 Thornhaven Brooklyn’s Blend

Having tasted a true to style Sauv Blanc the other night, we go with a much different variety - a Sauv Blanc/Chardonnay(!) blend - for Christmas Eve. While uncommon, this white works very well when paired with food. The reason for this is that it presents neither the extreme herbacous or bell pepper notes of a... Continue Reading →

’14 Rustenberg Sauvignon Blanc

I myself being a massive fan of the value New Zealand offerings such as Astrolabe, a quick scan of the label denoting bell pepper was all it took to sell me on this Sauv Blanc. Luckily, I was not disappointed. This South African's nose offered tropical fruit with a hint of nut and toast. The... Continue Reading →

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