’14 Hamilton Russell Chardonnay

Though I find it hard not to blather on about “Burgundian” style from the New World, I will do my best to avoid it, and just state that Hamilton Russell is a very good example of this. Their ’12 Pinot Noir is one of the best, if not the best, wines I have ever tasted. So lets see if the Chardonnay holds up that lofty reputation.

I’ll admit that after I tasted this beauty I had to head to Hamilton’s website for… some explanation. Firstly, this had surprisingly bracing acidity – the website explained it was an unusually cool growing year that presented this. Really it could lay down for a few years yet. Secondly, there were significant lime zest and overall citrus notes, more to it than I expected as well. Almost Chablis-esque, if ignoring the toasty hazelnut of the French oak which Chablis would almost never present.

There were some creamy notes, but not much, and certainly not overbearing or buttery. It had a nice, full mouth-feel but also wasn’t rich.

So, what the heck am I exactly saying? Well, this is just a really, really well made Chardonnay, exploiting almost all of the positives of Chablis-Burgundy in one package. And at $45.While the citrus notes were strong, they weren’t honeyed like you would see in warm climate Chardonnays with higher sweetness.

Really a stellar offering!


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