’09 Foxtrot Vineyards Pinot Noir

Wandering through Color de Vino I noticed this bottle of Foxtrot on their shelves and remembered reading a few articles about their minimalist cult-ish outfit (read: no tasting room) and figured I would give them a go. Plus John Schreiner, *the* authority on Canadian wine, regularly boasts about them.

From the Naramata bench, this is a complex and age-worthy Pinot made from Dijon clones. It being 8 years on now, I figured I would give it a crack, despite my efforts to resist.

Firstly, this thing is the supplest new world Pinot I have had. You can really tell it’s age. Its nose of red cherry, blossom and cedar greets you, and the mouthful of juicy strawberry and spice tell you its story. This is not your father’s Canadian plonk Pinot.

Much has been made about the Okanagan shifting ideologies to a more Rhone inspired style, and I can understand that if the climate/soils are better suited for that, it makes sense. However it always pleases me to see Burgundian examples exhibit from my home country. The feels, and all that.

At the $50-ish I paid it is not a bargain, but a treat to be had when something special calls. Or on a Monday, as I am doing. Whatever.

Try this if you like New World Pinot but want to start branching out into a more Old World style.


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