Finding Value

Now that I have a month of blogging about wine under my belt, I thought it was a good time for some reflection.
If we look back at my posts thus far, one thing is abundantly clear: I am addicted to value wines. Like, I mean I am a total cheapskate. I don’t think I have reviewed a bottle that has been over $40, and I have plenty that are.

The whole rating point scale aside, and there was already a piece on this today on Decanter if you want a breakdown, one might ask what value truly means. To me it simply is this:

For it’s price, a wine should present a better than expected example of its style. This does not mean that a $15-20 Cabernet has to be a Haut-Brion copy, but that it should show itself to be a cut above the other $15-20 offerings.

However, a variable quality that a wine can have is a story. A special bottle shared with special friends makes up for any flavor characteristics I was hoping to find.

A lemon of a California Cabernet? Probably doesn’t matter if I am at a grand party with my girlfriend.

A corked Pinot? Had that on the patio in Hawaii, choked it back all the same (more on that later, I really shouldn’t have).

To that end, it is important to relax once in a while and enjoy a wine rather than analyze it to the n’th degree. After all, this is mostly what it’s about, isn’t it? Enjoyment? Wine is a fascinating thing and rather than quantify it down to its polyphenols, occasionally it can be just that: fascinating.

If you choose, there are a couple very good breakdowns I’ve listed below on what constitutes value and how you do not need to blow a whole stack of cash for a decent bottle. Check them out:

Gurvinder Bhatia in the Edmonton Journal

Matt Kramer for Wine Spectator


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