’08 Neyen Espiritu de Apalta

On sale for nearly 20% off at Keg n Cork, I was drawn to this 80% Carmenere/20% Cabernet Sauvignon because frankly I had never heard of it. After a bit of research it seems that Neyen makes this one single red blend. I kind of respect that in this age of diversified offerings. Foxtrot in the Okanagan does something similar – in Burgundian style, they make only Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. But on to the wine!

This is a beautiful wine with soft tannins courtesy of the Carmenere. Part of this is intended and part could be because 9 years in age is getting a bit long in the tooth for it – just a guess on my part, I have no empirical data to back that up. That said, this is a heck of a red, with tobacco and dark cherry on the nose followed by a peppery, licorice note on the palate The finish presents spicebox and caramel I found.

At $40, this is a really stunning wine and I wonder if it would have been more intense had I met it a year earlier? Alas, I suffered through this one all the same. Pity, isn’t it?

Try this if you are looking for a merlot alternative with some earthy spice to it.


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